Tips and recommendations.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Zakynthos.
The conditions are perfect from the beginning of May until mid-June. The weather is pleasantly warm but not too hot; beaches are not crowded; and accommodation is cheaper and easier to find than in the mid-June to end of August high season.
Conditions are once more ideal from the beginning of September until mid-October as the season winds down.

If the temperature or the humidity are high, it is possible to cause tiring out of the organism due to loss of water and salt (especially when it comes to children).This situation could finally develop in heatstroke, a physical condition which requires immediate medical intervention.
We can, though, prevent this condition by drinking abundant liquids rich in salt, fruit-juices, water etc. We could also prevent heatstroke with a slight augmentation in consuming salt-except counter indications. Furthermore, we avoid tiredness and the prolonged exposure under the sun.

Its worth visiting Olympia, the ancient site of the Olympic Games, on the northwestern Peloponnese.
The trip takes only two hours (sea crossing included).
Excursions to Olympia are frequently organized by the tourist agencies operating in Zakynthos.
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